So you dont believe the HIV hype?

May 27th, 2011 will be a day at work I will never forget. I dont believe no one in the HIV/AIDS business in the state of VA or City of Richmond will forget, when the CDC released an article entitled “Is there an AIDS epidemic in Richmond?”. I knew it was coming, just based off the numbers my program brings in. I read the article and I was just so heartbroken. Why? Because of this one statement: “A new Centers for Disease Control report reveals that nearly 20,000 Virginians have HIV. And Richmond has 250 diagnoses per 100,000 people, the second highest rate in Virginia.What’s more? The CDC report says thousands of Richmonders may have HIV and not even know it.”

So THOUSANDS of folks in the #804 have HIV/AIDS and dont know? How could this be? STIGMA and UNEDUCATED on this disease. The most important things that folks can do is 1) wrap up during each and every sexual encounter. Even if you have to wrap your willy in some saran wrap. Yes I said saran wrap. What you think the men use in prison (if they use anything at all)? 2) use protection when giving or receiving some skully. Yes HIV can go down in your lil pee hole. And yes if you swallow her/his bodily fluids you can become infected. 3) If you shoot drugs up, use clean needles, you can become infected that way as well. 4) Stop getting tats from out folks house. If they cant prove to you they using NEW needles, dont do it. 5) When you leave one relationship, make sure you not taking HIV to your next partner. Get tested.

For my ladies, stop believing him when he say, “Im clean”. So many females fall for this and end up walking through my doors. Stop taking these men for their word. Ask him has he been tested, and push come to shove, PLEASE WAIT until you BOTH go get tested. You would be amazed at the women who did this and come to find out he did have HIV.They saved their lives by being persistent.

For my men, please believe that there is HIV in some of these big booty Judie’s yall running behind. Kill raw squirreling. Yeah ODB liked it raw, but he kept the clap (his own admission). Wrap up. yall would be amazed at the females who was sick all last winter, started taking their HIV meds, and blew up like the world trade( In my Biggie voice). And yall loving all of it, but have you asked yourself, what else does she have to give than a big ass? It may be HIV.

Norfolk, VA is #1 for HIV infections. Richmond, VA is #2. Petersburg, VA is #3…….and 85% of the cases are black people…majority of new cases are young black gay males, and our women in child bearing age range. Now I know I just said the women of child bearing age, and gay males, so how are these women getting infected? By men who are on the down low, and men who know there status and not telling, and men who dont know there status.

Same way our straight men are coming up HIV positive. Sleeping with females who may have encountered a down low man, or a man who hasn’t been so honest about status. cause folks conveniently forget they got it. Some females not telling either.

I track people who have been giving an HIV diagnosis and they have not been in HIV care. I chase people who have known for 10 sometimes 18 years, and they have infected a lot of people. They still to this day, running around sleeping with whatever man or woman will let them get it on. Dont let it be you. Wrap up VA, but especially my hometown of #804. We the last of a dying breed (in my TUPAC voice).

Mrs. Gift of Gab

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